I am the owner and CEO of a small business that sells and maintains photocopy machines. I mainly handle operations and marketing for the business.
Tim Dallinger was originally referred to me to handle the litigation of a complex and threatening dispute with a bank. Based on Tim’s experience as an old school corporate litigator, his professional style, his actions and appearance as a wise old sage, we decided he was the best man for the job. We needed an advocate whom the other side would respect and see as very serious and Tim comes across that way and can deliver. His technical expertise and ability to apply the law practically combined for a successful force and presence.
I found Tim to be thoughtful, compassionate, and able to look at issues from many different angles. He found creative solutions and different ways to present a case to show its validity and the strength and merit of it where others could not. Tim goes out of his way to think of the tough questions that should be asked and to provide thought provoking responses that benefit his client and also gain the respect of the other side by the way he brings up valid legal and business points. This approach helped us to take a case that seemed at first to have no merit and to present it so that it not only had merit but had a chance to win.
On a personal level Tim made me feel comfortable that whatever I discussed with him would stay between the two of us. He is a lot more compassionate than other professionals and looks at the human toll that these situations extract. Through a tough and trying time he was the voice of reason. He looked at things from a practical standpoint and his own vulnerability as a person made you comfortable enough to know that this was a person who not only could help you in your situation but truly understood how you were feeling and what all of this meant to you. Tim returns phone calls. He keeps you in the loop without you feeling you have to chase him down for answers to your questions and what is happening with the work he is doing for you. He doesn’t leave you in the dark.
Because of Tim’s professional expertise, situational insight, fresh and creative outlook and his ability to get people to work together and see the big picture on an issue, I was ultimately able to keep and continue to grow my business. Without Tim’s involvement I would have gone bankrupt and lost my company.
Patrick Walsh, CEO
Patrick Martin, Inc.
Calabasas, CA

I am a software engineer with over 50 years experience and the owner and CEO of a family consulting services business.
I first met Tim Dallinger when I was on the board of directors of a condominium association and needed to challenge the current board president and to turn the board around so it was in compliance with the law. As a result of that initial experience with Tim’s professional services, he and I developed an effective rapport and I then started using his services both personally and for my business that included incorporation of the business, setting up a pension plan for the business, family litigation, real estate advice and many other matters. Our CPA also enjoyed working with Tim and found him to be very professional and helpful.
One of the best experiences with Tim was when he handled a very threatening challenge in the Computer Forensics Industry (CFI) being raised by the State of California and a group of licensed private investigators who were trying to interpret the State laws to stop forensic computer experts from operating unless they had State issued private investigators’ licenses. Tim needed to stop the State agency that regulates private investigators from issuing an order that would have prevented computer forensic experts from continuing their work. He needed to find a compelling reason to approach the State and to show that the current laws and the challenges being raised by private investigators were not relevant to the reality of the work done by the CFI industry and that there was no valid public interest to be served by requiring that computer forensic experts be licensed as private investigators. Tim succeeded in this effort and got the State agency to specify its position on this issue in an opinion which was shared with CFI groups across the country. It was expressed by the people working on this issue in other States that the opinion Tim was able to obtain in California based on his novel arguments was the best one to date. He took a situation that other professionals throughout the country had been working on for years and was able, through his artful and knowledgeable way of approaching it, to obtain a favorable result from a State agency that not only benefited the clients locally, but is now being used by other experts throughout the country to fight the same type of issue with agencies in other States.
Tim is a proven thoughtful and creative professional, with the right combination of technical knowledge and life experience to recognize that just because a specific dispute should be resolved a certain way (per the law and common sense) doesn’t mean it always will and therefore a creative approach to advocacy and problem-solving often needs to be taken in any given situation. I depend on professional advisors to be able to hear what the problem is, understand how this problem is unique to me, and communicate back a clear message of how to tackle the issues. I need to feel there is mutual respect between the professional and myself and that they recognize that their professional views on the issues must be balanced empathically against my need for a resolution. Knowledge is critical, but knowledge without experience is one dimensional and you need to be able to combine the two to find a creative solution to the client’s unique situation.
Tim has the ability to understand a problem, to articulate an explanation, and to recognize and candidly admit what he doesn’t know and then to research and discover what is required in order to obtain the desired results. The humanity that he brings to the practice of his profession is quite unique as is his competence – you always knew his reach would not exceed his grasp.
My legal and business experiences with Tim over the years have involved many different subjects. Tim always takes a nuanced approach to the issues and challenges. For over 25 years Tim has provided numerous solutions and guidance that have helped me personally and professionally. This has resulted in both personal satisfaction from winning very hard fights and financial gain from results that have been achieved. Without Tim’s involvement I would literally have gone out of business and lost my company. Since Tim has successfully done so much work for me in his areas of expertise, when needed as a trusted advisor he will always be called on.
John Cosgrove, CEO
Cosgrove Computer Systems
Playa del Rey, CA

Over the past 37 years Mr. Dallinger has helped me deal with many legal and business challenges in my profession involving management and employee issues,  business structuring, partnership conflicts, commercial leases, purchase and sales of professional practices and day to day business operational issues as well as intimate personal business and legal matters.
Tim has always been easily accessible and straightforward. He always gives respectful answers even to what may be simplistic questions and tries to give clear, thoughtful guidance in complex, emotional situations. He has proved on numerous occasions to be an effective, creative facilitator and negotiator and is able to apply his communication skills learned and honed over decades of professional service as a lawyer and a business consultant.
During crises he remains calm and insightful and always seems to be able to continue effectively and energetically – and even with a sense of humor – in transactions no matter how exhausting, stressful and lengthy the process might be.
Tim is a caring friend and trusted professional advisor and I always enjoy our working together even in the most difficult of circumstances. I recommend him without qualification to any professional or business person who is in need of a reliable counselor and collaborator.
It would be hard to find a better person or counsel to trust one’s affairs to.
Charles H. Udolph, D.D.S.
Encino, CA

Over the past 16 years Mr. Dallinger has been instrumental in helping our business survive a myriad of organizational challenges involving commercial leasing crises, management issues, policy conflicts, business structuring, employee matters and negotiations with local government agencies. It has been a most satisfying relationship. He has saved us time, money and much aggravation by cutting through all the non-essential information and quickly getting to the point of the matter at hand. His professional fees have been more than well worth the value of his services to our company.
At meetings he listens carefully to the issues and feelings of all concerned and objectively facilitates solutions that are fair and practical. He has been a catalyst in motivating our company to set up workable plans when we need help with a new project. He is an expert at corporate structuring and is in many ways responsible for our maintaining a smooth running business that has endured even in these hard financial times.
Tim has always been easy to talk with and is able to really listen to your concerns. He brings to the table his invaluable skills to most objectively, independently and fairly get the job done by summarizing and focusing on the facts, helping others to make wise, informed decisions and maintaining the momentum of the project though completion. He also can interpret complex contractual language in a way that is understandable to all.  He has helped me to organize our executive meetings so we always make good progress and expedite the otherwise grueling process of effective decision-making.
Thanks to Tim, we also avoided a potential major lawsuit which could have meant a severe interruption of our revenue flow as well as paralyzing cost and thus prevented the need to move our entire operation to another location. He has also analyzed the internal forms and policy sheets we use with our clients to assure that we avoid future conflicts and exposure.
Tim Dallinger is thorough to a fault and truly cares about the people with whom he is working.  I highly recommend Tim to any business owner who is stuck in either resolving internal or external organizational problems or who is seeking to improve the efficiency of their company to realize its maximum potential.
CEO and Director of Music Education
Cornerstone Music Conservatory
Los Angeles, California
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