Are you having difficulty planning a residential or commercial real estate transaction or making decisions concerning a business relocation?
If so, DALLINGER BUSINESS CONSULTING can help guide you and your business through the frustration of ineffective efforts at meaningful negotiation, analytical hurdles and threats to your transaction and your business and into effective, productive communication, analysis and decision-making.
Are you or your business facing the aggravation, intrusion and expense of an inability to analyze, negotiate and consummate a real estate purchase or lease transaction or a business relocation? Are these dilemmas eating into your time and threatening your peace of mind and productivity or the competitive advantage and profitability of your business? Many individuals and management teams suffer with such conflicts that potentially result in great personal trauma or paralyzing business distress. Such predicaments are often complex involving high anxiety for all concerned and waste scarce financial and other resources. Time is almost always critical for everyone involved. Uncertainty, anxiety and confusion are the enemies of ultimate success.
With the help of a truly creative and insightful problem solver with years of direct, hands on experience in advising conflicted owners, buyers, landlords and tenants, these obstacles to success in purchase, lease and relocation transactions can often be resolved and overcome so that all parties’ ultimate goals are achieved and their worst fears and frustrations are avoided.

Full and fair disclosure of all material facts and often unspoken, underlying needs, desires, agendas and purposes can be achieved by an independent and resourceful expert engaging in trained inquiry, listening and practical analysis with specialized knowledge. The underlying reasons for the disabling conflicts and frustration can then be discovered, communicated, mediated, negotiated and processed in an open, non-threatening manner. This distinctive, intensely collaborative process can enable all parties to regain trust in their own thinking and decision-making and restore forward motion to otherwise stalled transactions.

If you are an OWNER, PURCHASER, LANDLORD or TENANT who is frustrated by conflict or deadlock that is threatening or jeopardizing your RESIDENTIAL or COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION or BUSINESS RELOCATION, DALLINGER BUSINESS CONSULTING is here to serve you to bring clarity, lowered anxiety and progress. Call DALLINGER BUSINESS CONSULTING to set up a consulting session with TIM DALLINGER who has over 35 years of direct, professional experience and success in facilitating resolution of challenging real estate transactions. Your initial telephonic conference to discuss the specific challenges you face will be at NO CHARGE

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