Are You a Broker, Owner or Buyer Frustrated or Discouraged in the Sale of a Business?
If so, DALLINGER BUSINESS CONSULTING can help guide you and your transaction out of the frustration and into a successful and distinctly satisfying closing.
Is your transaction deadlocked by indecision or delay? Are you overwhelmed by complications, technicalities and surprises? Are you experiencing doubt, anxiety or remorse? Many business sales are fraught with unforeseen conflicts that threaten the outcome for all parties potentially resulting in personal disappointment and financial disaster.
Most participants in the sale of a business find that such transactions are complex involving scarce time, money and other resources. Timing is almost always critical for everyone involved. Uncertainty, anxiety and confusion are the enemies of steady progress.
With the help of a truly creative and insightful problem solver with years of direct, hands on experience in facilitating troubled business sales transactions, these impediments to success can often be resolved and overcome so that all parties’ ultimate goals are achieved and the worst fears of all parties involved are avoided.
Full and fair disclosure of all material facts can be achieved by an independent and resourceful expert engaging in trained inquiry, listening and practical analysis with specialized knowledge. The underlying reasons for the frustration can then be discovered, communicated, mediated, negotiated and processed in an open, non-threatening manner. This distinctive, intensely collaborative process can result in remarkably innovative alternatives that enable all parties to regain trust in their decision-making and the transaction itself.
If you are a BROKER, OWNER or BUYER who is facing a business sale transaction that is threatened or in jeopardy, DALLINGER BUSINESS CONSULTING is here to serve you to bring clarity, lowered anxiety and progress. Call DALLINGER BUSINESS CONSULTING to set up a consulting session with TIM DALLINGER who has over 35 years of direct, professional experience and success in facilitating difficult business sales transactions. Your initial telephonic conference to discuss your transaction and the specific challenges you face will be at NO CHARGE!
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