Business Consulting Services

in Southern California

We offer strategic and result-oriented business solutions to our clients.  

Planning by Experts in Southern California

Dallinger Business Consulting is a California-based business with over 45 years of broad experience in advising large and small businesses. We assist in management decision-making and other critical areas of operation.

We have been providing consulting services in Southern California since 1972.

Strategic and Result-Oriented Solutions

At Dallinger Business Consulting, our goal is to change the way you do business through insightful, strategic, and result-oriented business solutions. 

Our team of experts aims to help organizations take a strategic approach to secure skilled and experienced resources. We help you retain them to accomplish your business objectives. We provide independent and unbiased advice to improve business performance.

Areas of Business Expertise

  • Business sale planning
  • Management conflict resolution
  • Startups and reorganization
  • Litigation avoidance
  • Community associations
  • Conflict management
  • Real estate transaction planning for commercial and residential
Dallinger Business Consulting